George Smith Says He Is Running Again In Exuma

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The former MP for Exuma, who served for 25 consecutive years and lost the seat in 1997, George Smith says that he  is putting in place the mechanism to run for office again in Exuma.  He told The Tribune that no representative since him as made a contribution to the development of Exuma.  In that he is dead wrong.  The Exuma economy has expanded since he left office, and the people there are better off than they were when he was the representative.  MP Anthony Moss has not indicated whether he runs again but press reports indicate that he will not and that the PLP will replace him with Chester Cooper, the businessman.   Mr. Smith will therefore have to run as an independent.  During the annual regatta last week, people wondered about the photos all over the island of George Smith and what they meant.  His statement published in The Tribune on 5 May gives the answer.