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The Chairman of the PLP Fred Mitchell MP described what Hubert Minnis and the FNM has done as planting obstructionists and poisoned pills everywhere in the service so that their operatives are blocking the work of the new administration.  So even though our system is supposedly run by a neutral public service, we all know that in fact that is not the case.  Nowhere is that more so than in the Royal Bahamas Police Force, where the Force seems split right in half between FNM and PLP. Last week, an officer in a highly sensitive position, who is a hard core FNM, wears her colours on her sleeve,  went on a  rant about the requests for security protection by the new government.  Her comment: “they just reach and starting this foolishness. Who do they think they are?”  Last week there was a murder of a British MP at his constituency headquarters. That is who the new MPs are. The Security and Intelligence Branch knows that when events like that happen around the world, all services take note because of the  copycat nature of crimes.   We hope that the Commissioner of Police acts and acts swiftly to deal with that officer.  The Force is supposed to be a neutral actor and someone of that nature should not be in a position of authority, in fact should not be on the Force.  They should keep their opinions to themselves.