Getting Used To Trump

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Every week, we see it happening. The outrage that the critics especially the white ones had for Donald Trump, the President elect of the United States and his overt racism and misogyny now turning to grudging admiration.  Mr. Trump it appears is becoming the new normal as he trashed President Obama and his work even while he is not the President, flouting all the traditions.  It simply gets a ha ha and oh that is Trump. Candidate for the Republicans who lost four years ago Mitt Romney gets wined and dined takes all these high profile shots with Trump and is promoted  as a possible Secretary of State and then gets unceremoniously dumped; taken for an ass… the bosses of Boeing, the airplane manufacturer, are told by Trump that they are charging too much a new Air Force One; they responded by giving him the facts; now the Boeing head says they are going to build it for less; asses; Henry Kissinger, President Nixon’s Secretary of State started out being a Trump sceptic; now he is positively purring over him saying how Mr. Trump’s presidency will provide a number of unique opportunities; we bet it’s lots of  consultancies.  So this is the new normal.  No one believes in nothing.  Excuse the grammar; anything goes. The Lord bless and keep us. Smoothing the way for an idiot to take over.