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An earlier exchange of greetings between the two candidates

 Statement by Glenys Hanna Martin: MP for Englerston – October 25th, 2017 

I wish to thank my campaign team who worked and travelled with me throughout the length and breadth of this country. I applaud their courage in joining me in my effort to bring about a new day in the PLP.
I thank all of those who supported me despite the odds, those who believed in the message of a new day
I want to recognize the people of Englerston who despite all odds stood with the Progressive Liberal Party in the last General Elections.
I commit tonight to dedicating all of my energies to your interest. I thank you for your patience during this campaign period which took me away from you.
I am grateful that I had this opportunity to travel through the country; to hear the concerns of Bahamians everywhere.
I am grateful that this has deepened my understanding of my country and enhanced my love and appreciation of The Bahamas.
Throughout this process I have been able to refine my philosophical commitments.
I am more convinced than ever that the vision of 1967 has yet to be realized.
We have yet to wipe every tear from every eye.
That is our continuing mandate, to empower the Bahamian people.
It is necessary and long overdue.
Our people, our country deserves nothing less.
This has been my mission during my life in public service
and so I will not settle for the status quo.
I will therefore continue my efforts to agitate for change within the Party
I congratulate the new leader of the PLP, Mr Philip Davis as he takes the helm.