Glenys Has To Fight To Be Heard In The House

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It appears that the PLP MPs are not going to be allowed to get a word in edgewise in the House.  Glenys Hanna Martin MP PLP Englerston got up on 27 September to object to the slimy approach that Desmond Bannister was taking in the House of Assembly toward former MP Jerome Fitzgerald.  Mr. Bannister claimed that Mr. Fitzgerald was going to sue him.  No such assertion was made by Mr. Fitzgerald.  He also claimed that Mr. Fitzgerald owed a fine of 150000 dollars. Not so either. The point we make is that even before she could get a word out, the Speaker Halson Moultrie, another one of those FNM champions of free speech, was in her face telling her to sit down and how he was going to name her and throw her out of the House.  So much for free speech.  What a race of clowns these FNMs are.