Glenys Sounds The Alarm As Family Island Airports Close

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The following statement was issued by the Shadow Minister of Transport Glenys Hanna Martin on the shut down of family island airports due to a strike by security personnel in the family islands:

27 February 2021

It is reported that all international airports in Eleuthera have been shut down to inbound and outgoing air traffic due to the apparent boycott of Airport Authority staff including security officers: I am advised that the staff boycott is in protest to a number of long outstanding matters affecting the wellbeing of officers in that agency. 

The Minister of Aviation must immediately address this most serious state of affairs. There is far too much self-congratulating taking place in this administration in the face of tremendous failings negatively affecting the interests of our citizens. 

We remind the Government that governance is about people and not public relations. 

The Minister must immediately bring resolution so as to avoid any further economic and reputational harm to the people of Eleuthera and The Bahamas at large.