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On Wednesday 31st May 2023, the Prime Minister of The Bahamas Philip Davis spoke these words: “Grand Bahama contributes 12 percent of the overall GDP of The Bahamas, yet its economy declined by 9 percent compared to the previous year..

 “There was a silver lining as the tourism sector witnessed a slight increase in 2022, which was evident in the growth of the accommodation and food service industries. Unfortunately, the statistics show a prolonged decline in the Grand Bahamian economy.”

He continued: “The evidence confirms the view of my government that the Hawksbill Creek economic model, which was meant to attract foreign direct investment, does not work. Furthermore, in our view, the governance model of the Grand Bahama Port Authority must change in order to realise the promise, growth, and prosperity which we all desire.”

 “Additionally, the government of The Bahamas has serious concerns regarding the compliance of the GBPA and its related companies with the terms and conditions of the Hawksbill Creek Act, and its subsequent amendments.”

He also said: “ The issue is clearly systematic and fundamental.

“We believe the time has come for decisive action. In due course, we will make a separate, detailed announcement.”

On Thursday 1 June 2023, the Grand Bahama Port Authority issued its own statement saying that what the Government was saying was untrue.  That in fact it was the Hurricane to blame and that they had brought in 1.5 billion dollars of investment in recent times. Further, it was the Government’s fault because they were refusing to amend the bye-laws of Freeport at the request of the Port Authority.

Here we go again, where a private company, knowing what the stage is behind the scenes has decided that they are going to face down the government of The Bahamas in public.  So now the stage is set: Atlantis and the Grand Bahama Port Authority, both against the PLP.

We are going to see now who blinks first.

Al Dillette Weekly Website Report:

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 3 June 2023 up to midnight: 499,044;

Number of hits for the month of June up to Saturday 3 June 2023 up to midnight: 246,815;

Number of hits for the year 2023 up to Saturday 3 June 2023 up to midnight: 9,119,624;