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One thing is interesting about our society, once you hold public office in the FNM as a governing party.  No matter what you do, the FNM is a master at covering up and ensuring that no harm comes to their own. So the police reported publicly that the wife of the MP for South Eleuthera Hank Johnson had complained  that he had assaulted her.  This was two weeks ago and reported in the press on 19 January 2021.  The press also confirmed that the MP had complained to the police of an assault on him by his wife’s brother and he had filed a complaint against his wife as well. Guess what: the only person charged was his brother-in-law. The back story however  has been going around since the day the press first carried the story. There was a fight between husband and wife. There is some evidence circulating on a video of that fight. The two are separated and not on good terms. Yet no charges have been brought. The women’s groups have been silent, not a word to ask for public accounting of   a member of parliament battering his wife. That was not important enough for any comment at all from the FNM, from the women’s groups, just stony silence. Most remarkable of all though was  big bad Hank Johnson who has reputation for cussing out his constituents and talking loud to people who oppose him politically, claimed in the press that he was the real victim: boo hoo hoo. Cry baby Hank. When this case comes to court, the real story will come out. The lawyers should have great fun with cross examining Hank Johnson.