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24 July 2021

The following statement was issued by Philip Brave Davis, Leader of the Opposition:

I am saddened to learn of the passing of the Bahamian business pioneer Hayward Cooper.  He lived a long, fruitful and productive life.  His success was emblematic of the Pindling era for Bahamians under the Progressive Liberal Party.  Mr. Cooper helped to make Freeport a Bahamian city in the truest sense of the word.

The death of Hayward Cooper, Senior, marks the end of a life well lived and the remarkable remains of a legacy that will never die.

Hayward Cooper’s rise from poverty to noted wealth reflects an incredible journey of a poor humble indigenous Grand Bahamian who made good on the opportunities presented to him.  His travel from humble farmer to a corporate giant, speaks to God’s grace, mercy and blessings, hard work, discipline, and an unmatched commitment to family. 

Much more profound than Hayward Cooper’s youthful struggles in Smith’s point, start up meat market in Pinder’s Point, acquisition of the world famous Burger King, Kentucky Fried chicken, Pizza Hut franchises in Grand Bahama and other successful investments, was his role as a passionate Pastor and dedication to spread God’s word. 

His creation of the Doris Minette corporate umbrella and inclusion and active involvement of his children, serves as a model for all Bahamian families. 

Hayward Cooper’s drive to bring souls to Christ and genius to create business opportunities and jobs for countless thousands and yet remain humble without a craving for the limelight, is a thing of historical and legendary beauty.  His programme Good News on ZNS Freeport and his support of the church was well known.

Grand Bahama and The Bahamas have lost a great man.

On behalf of my wife Ann Marie and myself, the Deputy Leader and Mrs. Cooper, the Parliamentary caucus, our five candidates in Grand Bahama, and the entire corps of officers and members of the PLP, we say rest in peace.  Go with God. Blessings.