Henfield Discovers Bahamas Is A Sovereign Country—Hmmm

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The first refuge of a scoundrel in international politics, when their back is against the wall and they can find nothing better to say they resort to national sovereignty.  When asked why The Bahamas abstained at the United Nations at the vote on Thursday 21 December which would have condemned the bad decision of the United States to recognise Israel’s capital as Jerusalem, the Bahamas Foreign Minister pleaded sovereignty.  The Bahamas should have voted no.  Instead they cravenly abstained.  The Foreign Minister Darren Henfield the Foreign Minister claimed that The Bahamas was not bullied by the fact that the United States said those who voted for the resolution would be marked down as opposing the United States and it would be remembered.  This is the usual way the United States operates. So no big deal there except that this crude Donald Trump fellow actually said it in public.  Of course the FNM was shaking in its boots.  But no said the Minister, we are sovereign.  Well when did they discover that? Wonders never cease.