Hilary And Trump

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Last week, tadalafil the “poppy show” that is called the run for the United States presidency wrote a new chapter.  First as she was leaving the 9/11 observances in New York, the woman candidate Hilary Clinton seemed to faint and stumble as she was going into her car, having felt the effects of heat exhaustion.  Turns out she was suffering from pneumonia.  The US press made a meal out of that.  She hid her illness.  It goes to character.  She is not trustworthy.  This was remarkable against an opponent who has told more lies and untruths than you can throw a stick at, but somehow there is a moral equivalence between the behaviour of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.  There is none.  We agree with her.  He is a bigot, a racist and an ignoramus.  He is not a fit and proper person in any respect to be leading the United States and as a consequence our neighbour to the north and the hemisphere and perhaps the world.  The world will certainly be a more dangerous place if he emerges as its leader.  Then the comedy show continued with Donald Trump being forced to admit that U S President Barak Obama was born in the United States of America.  Duh. Donald Trump must have been the only one not to know that.  He proved himself a jackass, by suggesting that it was Hilary Clinton who started the whole controversy way back in 2008 when she challenged, he said, Mr. Obama’s right to run. It is a lie.  Didn’t happen.  Absolutely false.  But he gets away with it. A small tap on the wrist then move on.  This gets curiouser and curiouser.  We hope that Hilary Clinton merges as the winner.  We believe all this moral equivalence has only arisen because you have a woman running for the office.  That’s the level of prejudice that it’s against women in society. It runs deep and high.  Let’s hope she is able to overcome.