How Many Anti-Gay Murders In The Bahamas

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Ever since the murder of Harl Taylor, cialis usa sovaldi sale the late fashion designer, cialis generic took place followed by that of  Thaddeus McDonald ,the COB Professor, treat   both single men, their murders unsolved, there has been analysis done in The Bahamas about whether or not single men are being targeted in anti-gay crime in The Bahamas.  The country though tolerant on the face of it, sildenafil is extremely homophobic.  At an official level it is represented that  there is no anti-gay discrimination but an analysis must be done behind the scenes.  There was a murder in Eleuthera last week, the young man was buried  yesterday, where some young men set upon an 18 year older and killed him.  The murder did not make sense.  The rumours soon started to surface that it was said to be retaliation for an alleged molestation of another young man by the dead young man.  One recalls the brother of a former FNM MP who was murdered and his killer got away because he ,mounted the defence that he was defending his manhood.  So we ask the question, how many of these murders or cases of abuse go unreported?