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The PLP’s leaders and other leaders appear to be flat footed when dealing with a person who is a menace to society.  His name and it doesn’t matter much for this purpose because there is always one around is Omar Archer.  He is a jackass.  That is kind.  That he is an idiot? That is too gentle.  That he is certifiably insane, probably can be so certified?  That he is stupid?  That too. He is scum.  That he needs to be put away privately, yes?  Fox Hill is the correct place for him or nearby Sandilands.  But in the past weeks he has provoked a Prime Minister to be mischaracterised.  He has caused the Leader of the DNA to file a law suit.   None of these appear to be effective measures to deal with this nuisance.  Our suggestion is that it should go further.  Quite apart from his arrest without bail for criminal libel, there ought to be other measures taken.  Almost certainly, he is being fed or paid by someone.  He has no visible means of support. But he has to eat every day. The question is how does he do so? It is almost certain that someone is feeding him with information (i.e. designing false news for him to say) and paying him to say outlandish and false things for a price.  He was seen last week for example having a meal with a former FNM politician, who is monied.  The speculation is that the source of the money is that person. But what we suggest is that the police ought to begin surveillance of him, tracking his movements, seeing who he visits, who he talks to on his phones, review his bank accounts.  He should be charged with living off the proceeds of crime.  Almost certainly, they will get to the source of who is responsible for this.  Then they should shut them all down.  This not a time to play. This is a serious time. Time to end the nuisance.