Hubert Ingraham Is Scorched By Ethric Bowe

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Hubert Ingraham is hijacking Hubert Minnis. What a mess Hubert has gotten himself into. Now with Hubert at his side, Hubert can no longer speak about corruption with any credibility.

The BEC engine bribery occurred under Hubert’s watch. Everyone in The Bahamas knows that poor old man from Fox Hill did not have the power to overrule the BEC board and buy the wrong engine at an inflated price. Only one man in The Bahamas had that power.

Something in the milk was unclean with the sale of BTC. Who got the finder’s fee? How much was it? The Bahamian people were lied to when we were told that BTC was worth nothing. The purchaser got their investment back in less than a year and sold BTC, part of it, for more than 5 times the purchase price. Some of us think this was an act of treason.

The giveaway of the Cable Bahamas franchise to a foreigner who had no money was another travesty of boundless proportions. This was one of the most major acts of piracy ever visited on The Bahamas. We continue to pay for it today. Hundreds of millions of dollars left The Bahamas because of this crime. The money stolen from The Bahamas through the Cable Bahamas scam would have paid for NHI. It would have paid for the roadworks. It would have paid for University of The Bahamas. Someday we must have a commission of inquiry into Cable Bahamas.

The giveaway of the New Providence port to a few families set The Bahamians in The Bahamas back at least 50 years. In other countries, the responsible parties would have been executed. This was an act of hate and spite against the Bahamian people. The cost of everything in The Bahamas went up because of this. When the project began experiencing financial difficulties, the perpetrators financed the losses by perpetrating a fake public offering on The Bahamian people. the public treasury was used to finance the public offering. What a slight of hand. Clever! This is crookery on the highest order.

So Hubert is keeping very bad company. And if he is following in the footsteps of Hubert, then we better stick with The PLP. PLP corruption does not suck the air out of the people’s lungs. The historical fact is that in raw economic terms, the PLP has a much better economic record.

And Hubert is just rude and nasty in his comments. He should not bring the governor general into politics. He is the only person who knows no bounds and would destroy every Bahamian institution – none of which he built. Name one Bahamian institution that he is responsible for establishing. He had the chance to establish UOB and he didn’t.

Builders do not destroy and destroyers do not build. Hubert is not a builder. Bahamians have become more partisan, more rude, and more crass and classless under his administrations. Too bad people follow the leader even when they are being misled!

This same Hubert got on the radio with Tommy and said Tommy was a better man than his father! Tommy should have slapped the foul spit out of his mouth.

This same Hubert said he would write Henry Bostwick’s dismissal letter on a piece of toilet paper.

This same Hubert dismissed Phenton Neymour’s father in the House of Assembly while standing two rows in front of where Phenton was sitting. It was Phenton’s job to choke some decency into him right there and then.

This is a bad man. This is not a decent man. Many Bahamian women suffered at his hands. The stories abound.

This same Hubert oversaw the Roads project that broke the back of the Bahamian economy for the “greater good”. He destroyed many legitimate Bahamian businesses. The only Bahamian businesses that did not suffer from his presence were criminal enterprises. And we wonder why crime is so high in The Bahamas. When faced with administrations like Hubert’s, crime is the most viable option.

When we mature to the point where crime links with strategic intelligence, the political, social and class criminals will have hell to pay. It is called “revolution”. We need to head this off by governing the country properly for the benefit of all the people.

Hubert made a critical error by bringing in Hubert. This was a wrong call. If he loses badly on Wednesday, he can mark this as his fatal error.

Who was in charge when $7,000.00+ was paid to change a single light bulb at National Insurance. Do not forget! Many of these people should be in jail.

Who was in charge when the materials from Sandilands was used to build a house for someone. The Sandilands project was supposed to cost $7 million. It cost more than $12 million and was not finished.

Look at the Paul Addelerly building. That man’s decent name should be removed from that building. That building is a symbol of trans-administration corruption.

In dollar terms and in impact on the well-being of the Bahamian people, Hubert’s administrations, after the first term, were the work administrations in the history of this country. More sycophants were produced during this period than in any other historical period in the Bahamas. More political and social eunuchs were created than ever. Eunuchs and sycophants became a significant class in the Bahamas.

Hubert became compromiser-in-chief. There were few that he did not compromise or outright destroy. The man had a problem that he visits on The Bahamian people at every opportunity.

This same Hubert was in the advanced stages of planning the overthrow of Hubert. He backed down when he realized the music he would have to face had some rough lyrics and the outcome was uncertain.

If Hubert is going to be dependent on Hubert, it would be a big mistake to elect him to lead this country. The PLP may be bad, but we really need the saviour to come right now if enough of us are stupid enough to re-empower Hubert.

I suggest you take the unprecedented step in getting involved in the political process to straighten it out. There are too many unrepentant thieves and crooks heading for the House of Assembly. We need to get involved in sorting this country out.

I now accept what my friend Aaron Kiki Knowles said to me multiple times. Let’s forget these small churches and choose which church you will worship in. The church is not perfect. Get in the church and help fix it. And for God’s sake, remember that the people in the other church are your favourite aunt’s children.