Hubert Intends To Check Himself Out Then Check Back In

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Friends of Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister, and now a man of leisure is dreaming once again as a result of a full court press from his demoralized FNM partisans, of coming back to run for office.  Friends say that Mr. Ingraham and his wife will  soon take off for a full medical. Once he gets a full and clean bill of health, he will return and make up his mind whether or not he will take on the challenge of becoming leader of the FNM and Prime Minister again.  His friends admit that he  will have a difficult time defeating Mr. Minnis who controls the levers of the party but politics being the art of the possible he may just try.   We warn him the last time a retired Caribbean  Prime Minister came back  to retake the Prime Ministership, he ended up dying of a stroke within 3 years of his return.