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A picture of former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis inspecting sewerage in his constituency. A fitting spot  for him.

There is a rule in the House of Assembly that the Speaker can  force a member of the house to take his or her seat if the member when speaking persists in tedious irrelevance.  Certainly, the bounds of that rule were tested on Wednesday 18 May 2022 when the former Prime Minister  Hubert Minnis got up to speak.  The  bill before the House was an amendment to legislation to regulate digital assets, aka crypto currencies.  Mr. Minnis got up and kept running on about Vat on bread basket items and the fact that the Prime Minister was traveling out of the country.  The whole time that he was speaking, his own members were holding their heads down.  He is an embarrassment to them. The Prime Minister Philip Davis told Mr. Minnis that he ( the Prime Minister) has to make the case for The Bahamas around the world. The problem for Dr. Minnis said Mr. Davis is that he ( Dr. Minnis ) couldn’t show his face around the world because he ( Dr. Minnis) was an embarrassment to the country.  Touché