Hurricane Is An Excuse Not To Do Any Work

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On Friday 22 September the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis was in Grand Bahama. He was there to hold the flag so to speak. His Minister of State sat there with his eyes down. His Parliamentary Secretary Pakesha Parker had her eye looking down but glowingly on. This is after all the people’s time. What he announced was insignificant. He should have given hope to Grand Bahama but instead confirmed despair. Later that night, the Prime Minister was seen dancing the night away with Lady Naomi Whitfield, the widow of the former Leader of the Opposition the late Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield at Port Lucaya’s hopeless promotion called “A Taste of Port Lucaya”. This is a promotion in which the owners of the facility and the government are seeking to attract business with entertainers and advertising. There was nary a person in sight. Lots of little children and the Prime Minister dancing with an old widow. It was pathetic. When are these people going to stop praying for hurricanes to come so they don’t have to go to work? When will they provide hope for Grand Bahama? What a shame.