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viagra prostate times;”> 20th December 2014


We wish to notify the public that a senior immigration officer has been placed on administrative leave with immediate effect pending investigation of a sexual assault alleged by a detainee who is a Jamaican citizen. The matter is also before the police. The appropriate steps for disciplinary action have been taken. All necessary steps including prosecution, suspension and dismissal from the the public service will be applied where warranted.

Once again, the Ministry wishes to indicate that it does not condone or sanction in any way, shape or form abuse of any kind by any officer of the department

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. It will not be tolerated and the strongest measures will be taken where there are violations of the rights of people. 

The Minister for Immigration has spoken to the Honorary Consul  of Jamaica to The Bahamas to convey his deep regret at these allegations and assured the Consul that the matter will be thoroughly investigated.

A diplomatic note to this effect will be sent to the Jamaican Foreign Minister and the Minister will speak to his counterpart in Jamaica shortly.