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The following statement was issued by Philip Brave Davis, the Leader of The Opposition on the exclusion of secular Bahamian musicians from the Independence Celebrations:

For Immediate Release

6 July 2021

The Progressive Liberal Party notes the concerns expressed by the local music entertainment community in the wake of their apparent exclusion from participation in the 48th Independence celebrations.

The PLP further notes that this yearly national celebration of independence should have two purposes: the inclusion of young people with their new traditions and ideas. There should also be a celebration of the legacy issues with  our culture, tradition and identity.  As such, in the latter sense,  the participation of our local entertainers is especially expected. This event is also an income earner for them.

The government is duly advised to address these concerns.

The mass gospel choir was an excellent example of young Bahamian  talent.  We thank them.

We have a suggestion  to make.

Given that the Independence  celebrations are marked by a number of events throughout the month that express and put on display, various aspects of our cultural identity, the government still has an opportunity to involve the entertainment community in this year’s celebrations.

Hosting of a live or recorded variety cultural show featuring music, acting, dancing and storytelling from several family islands – chronicling our heritage is a recommendation and practical solution the Progressive Liberal Party commends to the Bahamas government.

There are several weeks left in the month of July after Independence Day on the 10th so this is entirely possible and practical to organize and execute.