Ingraham’s Contrived Appearance

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The Bahamar handover on Tuesday 21 March… critics confounded.

Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister, has crawled out from under his rock to make appearances on Bahamas at Sunrise during the past week.  The occasion supposedly to pay tribute Sir William Allen, his former Minister of Finance.  The party took place and there were pictures of the event in the press, courtesy of Candia Dames, Mr. Ingraham’s amanuensis in the press.  That was quite a crew, everyone overweight and tired and old looking, jonesing for the return to power now doubt.  Back to Mr. Ingraham.  He used his happy birthday Bill moment to lash Perry Christie and the PLP. He knows he can always jerk the PM’s chain. Never mind all the sweet nothings he pretends to speak to the Prime Minister in Olives on Fridays, this is a dangerous relationship that operates one way.  He pretends that he wants to help the Prime Minister but   betrays the PM’s trust by attacking him without so much as a by your leave the next day.  So Mr. Ingraham said that the PLP was not running a financially transparent government.  How so?  Not so said the Deputy Prime Minister. The facts are there for all to see how Mr. Ingraham left the country with a 500 million dollars deficit back in 2012. The facts show Mr. Christie cut it in half and had it not been for two hurricanes would have wiped it out. Then Mr Ingraham returned this time to say that the Chinese were not held to account in 2015 when Sarkis Izmerlian, the developer who bankrupted the Bahamar Company, went to the US and declared bankruptcy.   That is an old story.  We have moved on since then. The story by Mr. Ingraham is irrelevant and untrue. The Chinese have paid off the creditors, the contractors, the employees.  They are finishing the project and the hotel was turned over to its new owners last week.  The official soft opening on 21 April.  Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis said that the opening was a lie but you know with regard to him there are none so blind as those who cannot see. That goes for Minnis, Ingraham and the entire slimy FNM.