Injustice For Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby, the American actor and comedian, was convicted of rape.  A rape that happened decades ago.  It seems most unfair.  He has been sentenced to three to ten years in prison.  All the high-minded morality and hypocrisy of the United Sates has come out over the last year with this stuff about “Me Too” and sexual harassment, the usual excess of rush to judgement.  So now you have an 81-year-old, blindman who has to go to jail for three years.  It is simply ridiculous given what else happens in the judicial system.  You will have noticed that the Black community in America has largely been silent on the issue. That’s because Mr. Cosby had become a real crank, attacking young Black people for their lifestyle so the feeling is “good for you”.  It was a Black comedian that started the whole thing against him. Sad on all fronts.