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viagra sale times;”>Worker’s don’t believe a word of it…

The Bahamian public now sees what Martin Luther King Jr. said was absolutely correct.  When it comes to people, the only thing that counts is the content of our character.  You can be rich, you can be white, you can be famous but if you are a s.h.i.t., then you are a s.h.i.t. (Sugar Honey Ice Tea).  There is no way around it; excuse our French.

The Bahamian public must also now have an inkling of what the Prime Minister of the Bahamas this one Perry Christie and the one before Hubert Ingraham endured when dealing with this man Sarkis Izmirlian.  This stuff that broke out in public over the last month with him, shows you what must have been going on in private?  He can’t refrain from playing to type. 

We had clues as to the character we were dealing with all along.  That much is true.  We use that expression because his man of business Robert Sands said in an Op Ed piece in the Bahamian press last week that we should have seen this coming: the bankruptcy; because the clues were there that the resort was in financial trouble.   Our good friend cannot defend the indefensible.  What Sarkis Izmirlian did and has done in the last stages of this development was a low down, two timing lousy stinking trick.  No matter how you try to sugar coat it. That is what it was.  Just lousy!

Bahamians and the Bahamian employees, not even his defenders Dionisio D’Aguilar and the like can be that stupid to follow the blandishments of this man about how he cares for them and how he thanks them for their support even as he was using double speak in every announcement to say that he was going to fire them in a few weeks. We publish below another letter which he sent out to his employees with teary eyes about how much he loves them and what great things he has done for them and The Bahamas.

It is only the clumsiness s of the PLP’s PR machine and the slowness to move that has  the PLP on the back foot explaining to a skeptical work force and public why it aint the PLP’s fault.  And it isn’t.  The point is if you are dealing with a lousy mother fucker, there is simply nothing you can do about it.

You can’t for example be sitting at a table, and expect that a person who is worth billions, had a good idea and a wonderful investment, whose ass you helped to save when you were in opposition to a hostile Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, would come to the table to offer you duplicitous information and in effect stab you in the back.  Why should the country’s government and Prime Minister have to look for clues?  If you are in trouble, then you simply say:  “I’m in trouble”.  That’s all: plain simple direct and pellucid, no bull shit.

Even up to last week as the parties were going to China, he was issuing a statement saying one thing to the employees about how they are loved and it’s only the government’s moves that prevents the developer from helping them, while begging the government to pay the air fares of the Bahamar executives to China because the developer couldn’t afford it.

But instead , you come with this cockamamie story about bankruptcy which will leave the employees without a job,  if successful the developer will walk away without having to pay the debts including those of hundreds if not thousands of small Bahamian contractors who have to then go struggle in the courts of the United States  in remote Delaware to recover their money.

Welcome home to Allyson Maynard Gibson, Sir Baltron Bethel and the team.  Good job and good luck in court on 20th July – for Queen and country.

Martin Luther King   Jr. said it all: the content of your character.  And when the content of your character stinks to high heaven, you can smell it a mile away.

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