Izmirlian At It Again

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buy cialis healing times;”>We return to the failed opening of Baha Mar yet again.  Last week we said how the developer Sarkis Izmirlian has the strange public relations habit of picking a fight with everyone while trying to open his new hotel. The list includes a public row with the government, viagra physician the unions, viagra the contractor, his immediate neighbour on Cable Beach.  Add to that the China Export Import Bank.  In an article in the Business Section of the Tribune last week, a story surfaced that Bahamar feels that the bank needs to do more to force the contractor to perform because after all it argued the Chinese contractor and the Bank have a stake in each other’s success.  Suddenly The Tribune’s editorials by the crotchety wicked lady of the east Eileen Carron is filled with advice to the bank about what they should or should not do.  Mrs. Carron says that the Chinese bank, a state owned entity could foreclose on the project .  She said Hubert Ingraham when he was Prime Minister promised he would not allow that to happen because that would mean that China which owns the bank will be owning real estate once owned by the Crown and the Bahamian people.  Mrs. Carron wants to know what Mr., Christie will do.  Well it’s a commercial transaction, if you don’t pay your bills, then the bank will foreclose what do you want him to do?