James Catalyn Passes

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From the Office of Leader of the PLP

On The Passing of James Catalyn

For Immediate Release

18 August 2018

On behalf of the PLP, I wish to express our deep sorrow at the passing of James Catalyn. He was one of our Stalwart Councillors. He had a biting wit which he took to the stage helping us to
laugh at ourselves. He used the vernacular ” laughing at we sef”. He died at a time proximate to the annual Summer Madness at the Dundas. The Dundas and Summer’s End will never be the same.

Of course James Catalyn had a storied career in the Ministry of Tourism where he brought his talents and patriotism to our country’s tourism product.

God rest you James. You were a patriot. You made the whole Bahamas laugh. Now it is time to bring that laughter to heaven. May the love our country take you up to paradise.

On behalf of the entire PLP, our Deputy, the Chairman and our memberships, my wife Ann, I express heartfelt condolences to James’ family. May he rest in peace.