James Davis 1955-2018

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Funeral on Thursday 8 March at St Cecelia’s.  James Davis may not have been known by today’s twenty somethings. But he was in his time a singer that had a gift from heaven.  He left The Bahamas a generation ago to find his fortune in the United States.  He never returned. The country was the poorer for it. He died after a long illness at an age when many men are just discovering their intellectual powers and getting to pass their talents on to the next generation.  His ashes were returned to The Bahamas for interment. Monsignor Simeon Hall conducted the mass at St Cecelia’s in the Grove where he grew up and he was placed in the Columbarium in Lakeview Cemetery.  Sonia Cox Hamilton remembers him as an employee of the Crustal Palace Hotel, now defunct on the site where Bahamar is now, as the first Manager of the Bellmen and Captains at the hotel when it opened in 1989. Rest In Peace.