Jeffery Lloyd Embarrassing The Catholic Church

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Smart people and otherwise sensitive people become strange people sometimes when they get power in their hands.  It was Abraham Lincoln who made the observation that if you want to see what a man is like, observe him when power is in his hands.  No more is that now more true than with Jeffery Lloyd the Minister for Education.  He seems to have taken on the role of national disciplinarian, not the man who should be educating our children.  The latest was his saying that he was happy to report that two dozen people had been dismissed from the Ministry of Education. This is part of a supposed campaign to clean up and shape up the bureaucracy at the Ministry of Education.  Right issue but wrong way to execute.  He has become insufferably imperious.  He pronounced once that he does not care what people say, he will fire 200 people.  It seems to get worse every day.  Nothing about how to solve our education problems, although plenty talk about the problems.  A warning, although given his state of mind, he is not listening to anyone: don’t end up like Bill Cosby abandoned by your own community because they thought that you trashed them when you had power in your hands.  Bill Cosby we think is suffering the collapse of the support of the Black community in the States because he attacked young Black men and young Black people about the way they lived, worked and dressed. The result when he got into trouble, no voices came to help him. In fact, they helped to sink him. Do not let that happen to you Mr. Lloyd as the tide inevitably always turns.