Joe Darville And Fred Smith Q C Go Sit Down

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Joe Darville

Fred Smith Q C

The ventriloquist and his dummy from the Save The Bays so called environmental group aka the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association Joe Darville and Fred Smith QC were in the press last week trying to stop the investigation by the House of Assembly’s Committee on Privileges into their conduct as part of Save The Bays.  The allegation is that moneys passed through Mr. Smith’s accounts which were used not for environmental purposes but for other than the objects of the trust for which it was ostensibly formed.  Mr.  Darville, cialis canada Mr. Smith went to court to stop the allegations from being exposed by the Parliamentarians Fred Mitchell and Jerome Fitzgerald.  They got a judge to agree with them.  The Parliament responded by asking the Committee on privileges to investigate the matter and summon them, the Judge, send for their papers and accounts.  Now Mr. Darville and Mr. Smith are howling that this is going to be a witch hunt and that they need to protection of the international community because they are afraid they will be sent to jail for Contempt of Parliament.   They need to go lawyer up and get their house in order.  The country need to see whether foolishness carried on and they have done nothing wrong they have nothing to fear.  The same needs to be said for the musician Kirk Bodie or KB as he is known who continues to embarrass himself with this bad music he writes for hire attacking politicians.