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viagra generic health times;”>Joseph-Darville-DeclarationThey say since the revelations about Fred Smith QC and the money from Save The Bays, best cialis search Fred Smith has gone into hiding.  Not so the other half of the ventriloquist and the dummy pair Joe Darville surfaced with a call to Jesus moment.  The letter is pathetic, full of appeals to Christ.  One supposes the last refuge of a scoundrel is always the call to Jesus.  We know Jesus is the only one who can help him.  Mr Darville’s letter appears below:

“I know Joseph Darville; met him many times especially when he served as the Principal of the Grand Bahama Catholic High School, Freeport Grand Bahama. As a fellow Catholic I say without a shadow of a doubt that Bahamian Catholics in the majority who have heard the offensive descriptions that were (announced, but not tabled) in The Honorable House of Assembly yesterday (Thursday) to our Brother Joe Darville are deeply troubled. The good work of Joe Darville will speak for him and we put our brother Joe to the Prayers, love and support of all of the faithful. I am personally confident that when the facts are known the Bahamian people would stand tall with Joe Darville.”I am loathed to have to defend my character or name in public; for ever since a little boy growing up on Long Island, my countenance spoke clearly for itself. At this moment however, I do find it necessary to draft this declaration. It was actually motivated by a post by one of my long time associates, Mr. Peter Carey, who wrote:

And then he ended it with a beautiful prayer. It was followed by a number of positive and supported messages, with one not so very much so.

Again, I am only penning this message because of my life-long and continue work with the youth of this nation, which now involves environmental education and leadership training, with the assistance of world class facilitators, who have been trained by the world renowned personnel. For the benefit, therefore, of these individuals, their parents and the community, I feel obligated to set the record straight.

My beloved sisters and brothers, may our great, gracious and crucified Jesus, the unconditional lover, my model, bless abundantly your hearts for these unsolicited comments. I completely forgive all those who have attempted to defame my name and character. My life has been totally dedicated to the good and wellbeing of my beloved country and its people I love so dearly. I will unhesitatingly lay down my life for my country. Thus, even at the blessed age of almost 75, I will do all in my power to restore and preserve the integrity of the country I so dearly cherish. Threatening my life and attempting to sully my name and character could only end in even greater disgrace on our nation. Mind you I am not afraid of dying; thus I have the freedom to live life to the fullest.

I have done absolutely nothing to cast any disgrace upon my country; I have, instead, done everything in my power to restore and maintain its good name at home and abroad. I defend the goodness in my nation on a daily basis. But I do not hesitate to expose the tremendous wrongs which cast serious aspersions up us as a nation. It is one of the most blessed spots on this majestic planet and I aim to keep it so. It is in line with the solemn stewardship to which I am sworn, by supernatural mission and commitment. I have never been or ever will be involved in any covert activity to destabilize my government or country; for anyone to think or dream up otherwise would be absolutely ludicrous. My government, whatever government it be, PLP or FNM, is my government and I will do openly everything in my power to see that it responds responsibly to the need of our people and our nation. If at times that seems anti-establishment, so be it.

My life and work have always been an open book, and across those pages are written a solid history of divinely guided work and accomplishments. Those with pure hearts, clear eyes and unplugged ears can so easily dwell upon them for edification. Early in my life, taught extensively and dramatically by my grandmother, I have followed the tenants of my Brother Jesus Christ; and once set upon that course there is and never was any turning back for me. Daily the darkness is removed and the light of the Risen Christ always illumines my path.

I welcome anyone to come forth and contradict me otherwise. I have absolutely nothing to hide. The defaming of my character by false and damning statements would profit those individuals naught. The Honorable Fitzgerald, Minister of Education, can himself attest to the work I do, as he has personally witnessed it and saluted the young environmentalists during a scientific conference at the Island School on Eleuthera. He could have easily met with me face to face, or called me to get any facts with relation to my work. I would have told him exactly what salary I make and how much is allocated for the environmental education program I operate. Both are modest amounts, nowhere near what may have been suggested by him in Parliament.

My personal remuneration is greatly appreciated for it allows me to carry on my work, even while retired on NIB pension; the amount does not even approach being commensurate with my talent, training, degrees and critical work. However, I acknowledge and bless the Moore Charitable Foundation, for providing it and the amount to run the program, where every single penny is spent in that regard and accounted for. Let me add that I am under absolutely no obligation to be directed by the funding body as to how I operate the grant. My professional assistants and myself have absolute jurisdiction over this, without any outside interference, or promises.

By the way, Mr. Fitzgerald, if I were under any legal obligation to actually declare the amount I would gladly do so, with due respect to the rule of law, unlike a large number of members of parliament who are under legal obligation to do so and do not. But you can still give me a call and I will give you the exact figures, for your personal satisfaction. However, I think it is well known by many of you, by virtue of our private calls and emails being hacked into.

I wish to end by wishing all my beloved citizens, even those detractors, a blessed Holy Week: May, in this holy week, leading to the crucifixion and resurrection of our Beloved Brothers Jesus Christ, all hearts be purified through his blood, and forgiveness bestowed on us all, for any wrong we have perpetrated upon our fellowmen/women. I especially send blessings and forgiveness to our government and all its members, beseeching them pay attention to the plight of our beloved Bahamaland.

Joseph Darville
Freeport, Grand Bahama
19 March, 2016