Justice For Devince Smith, Killed Because He Was Gay

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Lamar Albury’s response to the verdict “Fuck dred”

So much for remorse for killing a whole man. Lamar Albury spun a story that Devince Smith, a popular Volley Ball coach, who he killed back on 21 December 2015 tried to grab is genitals in an effort to have sex and he killed him in trying to fight him off.  He told his relatives that story.  The jury didn’t believe it.  They didn’t convict of him of murder but they convicted him of manslaughter.  We hope that he gets at least 20 years for the offence.  This is a real change in The Bahamas and good work by the prosecution. Heretofore, all you had to do was say that a man tried to make advances for sex against you another male and that was good enough to kill him and the jury let you go.  Not so in this case.  Justice for Mr. Smith.