Justin Smith Writes About Lisa Rahming’s Campaign Event

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Tuesday 1 June 2021 at Lynden Pindling Centre

Yesterday, I joined my friend Lisa Tammy Rahming, the PLP’s candidate for Marathon, in the launch of the Marathon Apprenticeship Program. 

The PLP’s Economic Plan outlines the party’s vision to diversify the economy through monumental investments in young Bahamians. One such investment is in an apprenticeship program; which will provide young people with the training and skills needed to succeed in a competitive global economy. 

Lisa has demonstrated that she is prepared to advance the party’s vision outside of government. I was proud to see the many young people filled with hope and excitement receiving their award letters yesterday. I was also pleased to see the stellar community and corporate support from the team of businesses who have signed up to assist. 

I’ve seen firsthand how PLP policies can change lives and I look forward to our party’s continued commitment to the development of young people in government. 

It’s a new day. 

Read our economic plan here: