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Dear Editor.

I must commend our Leader. The Honourable. Michael Pintard on setting the record straight in Tuesday’s Tribune 4th of January on “Minnis doesn’t speak for Party. Minnis had his opportunity, but treated the media with utter contempt, he obviously didn’t learn anything from his predecessor. The Honourable. Hubert Ingraham who after retiring never had anything to say during the Minnis era. Minnis all of a sudden have become the competent authority in speaking out on all matters. Doesn’t he realized that he’s the cause that kept indigenous FNM’s from the poles wanting to be rid of him? Mr. Minnis do you know what it is to be a Statesman?
Your record was a woeful one in dividing the Party, please sit small, shut your mouth, no one is listening to you. Again you ERA is over. The Honourable. Michael Pintard is our Leader, show some respect and let him lead and unify our party!!!

Kelly D Burrows
Freeport Grand Bahama