Kendal Smith Of The DNA Is A Lying Jackass

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The DNA Candidate has nothing better to do than to spin lies.  The letter below was sent to the propaganda site Caribbean News Now about the Fox Hill constituency.  Not a word of truth.  There was a public rally held on the park the day after the letter was published and it showed the park, its social atmosphere and span was fit for the purpose.  The other lie is that the Chinese have fixed the community centre.  Not so.  The IDB provide the funding for the Fox Hill Community Centre.  When you run for public office, you can’t be so stupid and despite that you tell lies.  The letter is below:

Dear Minister Mitchell,

I am writing concerning a grave issue in the heart of the Fox Hill Constituency. The roundabout has fallen to such a deplorable state of neglect and decay. This by any standard is completely unacceptable. In all good faith, as you bring your tenure to a close as the representative for Fox Hill, could you please bring the appearance of the park to some semblance of decency?

I know that the Chinese have funded the completion of your 15-year community center project, as well as four other “Black-belt” community centers. This is election time and we all know the old facelift for the polls routine. Please make this a priority as we both could agree that the Fox Hill Park should have never been allowed to fall to such a derelict condition, (considering that it is right outside of your office).

As I do have specific plans for the park, I would like to thank you in advance for promptly attending to this matter. We do extend a heart-felt thank you as we have appreciated your services over the last 15 years in Fox Hill; nevertheless the onus is on me as I will chart a new course and a new direction in terms of economic empowerment, and returning Fox Hill once more to its era of former glory.

Once again, thank you for your compliance and expeditious consideration.


Ken Smith
Next MP, Fox Hill