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. Keod Smith, medicine the former MP, generic is head of the Clifton National Heritage Foundation wrote a statement last week on the oil spill at Adelaide and more generally his concern about oil spills. You may click here for the full statement.
Sunday – September 21st 2014

Since its inception in April 2013, the Clifton National Heritage Foundation (CNHF) has been keenly concerned about the 30-plus years of pollution caused by oil spills and seepage in the seas off of Clifton Pier and the adjoining Bay of Clifton.

Last week’s reports in the newspapers of the discovery of oil washing up on the beaches of Adelaide gives us cause to take the immediate and public action which we now pronounce, without which this vexing problem will continue to linger to our collective detriment.

Not only does this recent discovery illustrate the continuing threat to the immediate land and sea environs, it potentially has significant negative impact to the entire southern coast of Adelaide, the Bay of Clifton as well as the Clifton Heritage National Park which, in 2004, had been vested upon statutory trust for the benefit of the Bahamian people.

To-date, with there not having been any confirmed solution, scientific study or determination as to the nature and origin of these oil spills, we wish to commend Minister Glenys Hanna-Martin and her Officials at the Ministry of Transport and Aviation for the quick and decisive action in responding to the alarm of the oil spill on Adelaide beach. We urge the Government to continue to meet with all of the stakeholders to determine a balanced and workable Environmental Management Plan for the southwestern region of the Island.

When considering the seriousness of this problem, the CNHF undertakes to assist and provide in the facilitation of more scientific studies of the area to determine the impact of these oil spills to the Clifton Heritage National Park, its potential as a touristic destination and becoming a world heritage site.

No matter where this current oil spill originated, we feel that this event gives us an opportunity to begin to quantify the impact of such spills on our energy usage and cost, both in terms of the environment generally as well as in relation to the ordinary consumer of electric power. These are factors that are important to our collective responsibility to environment conservation and protection.

Going forward in the short term, our examination and evaluation of the oil spill, necessarily requires us to focus in the following areas:-

• Assisting and working with all of the relevant stakeholders such as the National Oil Spill Committee, The BEST Commission, The Ministry of the Environment and The Ministry of Transport and Aviation in the funding of the preparation of an Environmental Management Plan of the land and sea at and adjourning Clifton Pier which includes the industrial areas, Clifton Heritage National Park, the Bay of Clifton and the southern seas off of the coast of Adelaide.

• Sensitizing the Bahamian Public, including individual and corporate citizens as well as civic bodies to become more involved and concerned about the pollution from oil spills and what we can do to mitigate damage to our environment.

• Formulating a more realistic schedule of penalties and mandatory insurance coverage for those who are found negligible and culpable for these oil spills.

The CNHF also stress its concern over the harm and damage that is being done and has been done to the marine life in this general area.

We are therefore committed to taking the lead in uniting the nation in the protection and preservation of the Clifton National Heritage Park and the surrounding land and sea regions of that part of the Island of New Providence.

We invite all persons and organizations who believe in the original cause for the saving of Clifton which forms a part of Bahamian patrimony, to declare such interests by working with us to keep Clifton Pier, the Bay of Clifton and Adelaide seas clean, green and pristine.

OUR COUNTRY now needs all hands on deck!!