Kingsley Black Trashes Belinda Wilson

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As Lionel Sands, the Director of Education, took ill and was airlifted out of the country, Kingsley Black the former President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers heard that the government is proposing to make the now head of the Bahamas Union of Teachers, the rowdy biggetty and disgusting Belinda Wilson the new Director of Education.  In a post to What’s App and Facebook, Mr Black said not a day like it

23 October 2017:


This is a very strange world that we live in. I learned over the week-end that Mr. Lionel Sands, Director of Education is very ill. Sheila and I pray for his speedy recovery. What I find strange is the fact that supporters of the current President of the BUT are already spreading the news that she will be appointed to replace Mr. Sands as the new Director of Education! What I find also very strange is the rumour that the new Minister of Education is in support of his friend Belinda Wilson getting the post. Politics aside, it is inconceivable that this story can be true, all things considered. The FNM Government has announced its intention to transform Public Education over the next five years. Does the new Minister of Education have documentary proof that the current president of the BUT has the training, background and capacity to lead the transformation of the public education system? Given her profile and track record, does the FNM government believe that such a proposition is worthy of consideration? In my opinion, there is absolutely NO MATCH between Belinda Wilson and the job of Director of Education! Any objective analysis of the question will reach the same inescapable conclusion. I would find it increasingly difficult to continue to trust and support a government that is prepared to TRIVIALIZE the educational transformation imperative by appointing the worst possible candidate to become the next Director of Education. The youth of this country have suffered for far too long because of a failing public education system. They need real opportunities for personal empowerment; not to be merely herded through a school system that caters to 15 – 20% of the students while the vast majority are left at the mercy of providence. I hope what I’m hearing is just a rumour because the FNM, MY PARTY still has high marks with me. However if they appoint a misfit to transform Public Education, I will have serious difficulties continuing to believe in the party. The Americans made a huge mistake electing Donald Trump as their 44th president and now they’re stuck with him until they can get rid of him. In the main time, Trump is wreaking havoc on both the USA and the world. I caution Dr. Minnis and the FNM to not make a similar mistake by appointing the wrong person to become the TRANSFORMATIONAL Director of Education; that will be UNFORGIVEABLE! This country deserves BETTER! “FORWARD, UPWARD, ONWARD, TOGETHER!”