Latrae Rahming Buries His Dad Leslie | 18 December 2020

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The photo was taken at the Western Cemetery with from left Barbara Cartwright, PLP Secretary General, Senator JoBeth Coleby Davis, Latrae Rahming, Senator Fred Mitchell, Reuno Pratt. Ian Poitier is partially hidden. This tribute to Leslie Rahming also known as “ Duckie” was written by Ian Poitier:

Today we lift up and hold high our dear friend Latrae Rahming.
He gave the most wonderful tribute as he laid his father to rest this morning.

By turns thoughtful, funny and profound, his eulogy was deeply moving, perfectly capturing the man and the moment.
Our party to whom Latrae has given so much, was represented at the highest levels: former PM Christie, the Chairman, Secretary-General and Senator Coleby-Davis, along with other party colleagues and members of the Public Service.
As travel duties prevented our Leader from attending in person, he offered his condolences privately.
Lots of family and friends were also present.

Latrae’s father will be rightly proud of the legacy he has left in Latrae.
And we are proud to call him our friend.