Leader Of The Opposition Demands Equal Opportunity Of The PM

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Brave Davis To Tour The Islands In Anti VAT Campaign

Thought for the day: yesterday in the House the PM was challenged by Leader of the PLP for using public monies to sell his FNM objectives on VAT. The PM responded that he will make available thru the Finance Ministry an equal opportunity to the Leader of the Opposition to put the opposite case that taxes should remain the same. Mr. Davis issued this statement:


From The Office Of The Leader of The Opposition

On Travel For The Prime Minister Promoting VAT

For Immediate Release

27 June 2018

The PLP welcomes the offer of the Prime Minister for an equal opportunity to make the case as to why the tax rates on VAT should remain the same. The party plans to take up the Prime Minister’s offer forthwith and begin its tour of the country to put the case opposite the Prime Minister’s.

Our system demands balance and fairness when it comes to matters of promoting partisan public policy objectives. We were concerned until this morning that the Prime Minister may not have appreciated the point and how his travels may have been perceived as partisan as opposed to state objectives.