Leslie Miller and the psychos

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Cecil Newry responds to Leslie Miller who claimed that people criticizing his behavior as head of BEC are psychos. You gatta love this guy:

Sad to say, cialis buy viagra I am one of those psychos that Leslie Miller was talking about that exists on social media; I had said he had a generator running during the island wide black out. I was wrong, generic viagra treatment subsequently I do apologize wholeheartedly. Mr

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. Miller in a recent interview revealed that (even though he is rich and can afford to buy the best generator money can buy, even during these tough economic times), he had decided from long time to sweat like the rest of us when the lights goes off. Why? So he too can experience hell like the rest of us. I am in deed grateful for Mr. Miller’s gesture; more so I find that idiom true that when one is going through hell, its best when you have company.