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Cassius Stewart

Lincoln Bain

Reece Chipman and Frederick McAlpine former FNM MPs

This report is taken from Eyewitness News. What a comedy show this is. So three people Messrs. Halson Moultrie, Reece Chipman and Frederick McAlpine who have seats in the House have decided they will join up with people who have never darkened the door of the House except as protestors.  They are going to run for the Assembly on 16 September.  That makes any sense. Then you have Cassius Stewart beating up Lincoln Bain for the leadership of the group, a combination of the Bahamas Democratic Movement of Mr. Stewart and the Coalition of Independents of Mr. Bain and then Mr. Bain decided because he lost that he’s not in the agreement.  Mr. McAlpine and Mr. Chipman said at a press conference that they have not formally joined anything.  Mr. Moultrie looks as if he is going to run with Mr. Stewart. Mixed up like conch salad.  What a joke.