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Every generation in a country produces one or two flimflam men who act as demagogues and without principles.  It appears that The Bahamas has found at least one in this generation: promising 100k to each citizen and then when that didn’t work, an acre of crown land to each citizen. Well last week, the man was at the gate at Paradise Island, where there is an injunction against people breaching a beach access right of way. He joined the vendors there to protest the fact that the access was closed and the vendors had their goods removed.  The vendors have a just cause.  He does not. So at the meeting that was held the next day with the PLP’s Wayne Munroe to find out what they can legally to deal with the matter, the flimflam man showed up and started to condemn the PLP. Turns out the meeting had PLPs in it and well we leave the rest to C A Newry , the Facebook writer.

C a Newry Soooo, last night Cabbage Beach/Paradise Island  vendors met with activists and lawyers to talk about their options regarding 1. a foreign investor erecting a fence preventing them from having beach access, 2. the removal of their product from of their beach etc etc. Lincoln Bain and Marie Daxon was present along with Wayne Munroe. Everything was going well, the crowd was animated but supported the cause; Lincoln and Maria has the audience in their hands… but out of the blue Lincoln jumped up and say the PLP and the FNM finish… what the hell he said that shit for?? He forgot the vendors were PLP… that buey and that lady made a move to cut Lincoln ass for talking ass subsequently meeting done.  Moral of the story, astute politicians should know their audience