Loretta Still Seeking To Defend Rodney Moncur

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The Tribune reported on 4 January while appearing as a guest on the 91.7 FM show “Morning Madhouse” with host “C-Note,” Loretta Butler-Turner, the Leader of the Opposition, was seeking to defend her indefensible and incomprehensible choice of Rodney Moncur to the Senate of The Bahamas.  Senator Moncur meanwhile is enjoying his new found official status.  He has gone out and gotten a blue plate for his vehicle, a photo of which did the rounds on social media. Her defence is pathetic.  Try as she might, she cannot defend the indefensible. Here is what Mrs. Butler Turner had to say in her own words:

“I believe that there was certainly an emotional response when Senator Moncur was appointed and I think people will come to understand in the fullness of time why he was chosen.

“In some people’s estimation Mr Moncur can be bombastic and vile, as I have heard it described. I stand by him because the flip side of it is this, he has for many years been an advocate of the down trodden and those persons who feel marginalised. He has gone out boldly to stand up for things he believed in. I think one of the key things that I looked at was, I realised in leadership you have to make tough decisions and you are not only going to decide on people who think your way or see things your way. You have got to have diverse group of persons.

“Mr. Moncur has been very hard on me personally, very, very critical of me when I moved for the Martial Rape Bill and continued to be very critical of my actions when I (supported) the Gender Equality Bills and so when people look they say ‘this man does not believe in equality, he is a misogynist.’ Interestingly you have to look at the flip side because Moncur said that women cannot lead but yet he is following me.

“I am absolutely leading him and teaching him.

“I think there is such a thing as modification of behaviour and he has apologised I understand on his talk show to the many persons he would have offended. As a senator, he is going to have to modify much of his behaviour, especially in Parliament. That is going to be important. I believe if you are going to fight a battle and you have adversaries and you are able to turn your adversary into an ally before you hit the first blow, you are well on your way to winning that battle.”