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There is a three way race for the leadership of the FNM.  Kwasi Thompson is the  candidate of the establishment that much is clear.  Michael Pintard is said to have a lock on the delegates because he has the support of former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.  Iram Lewis is said to be an also ran. There appears to be real fracture lines. Kwasi Thompson who is a cousin to the outgoing Leader of the Opposition and former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis made the extraordinary pronouncement last week that he is nobody’s puppet.  This is no doubt because it is widely believed and it is said that he is the stalking horse for Dr. Minnis. No one believes what Kwasi Thompson has to say on that subject.  He is a Minnis’ man.  One of the keys to that was the fact that  the eminence grise of the party Maurice Moore gave a video statement that extensively extolled the virtues of Kwasi Thompson.  Mr. Moore said that while all of the candidates were good men, he thought that Mr. Thompson was good listener and therefore the most fit to lead the party.