Message On Independence from Minister for Grand Bahama

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The dream of independence began decades ago with a few brave men and women who went against the odds to bring us to self-governance, and to create opportunities for all Bahamians. Forty three (43) years later, we are moving forward and onward to a stronger, prosperous and modern Bahamas; and are “Honouring our People’s Excellence!”

We are so very blessed to live in this small, yet extraordinary nation called the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. With hope in our hearts, courage as our compass, service as our mission and God as our guide, we must steadily build a better country and progress Forward, Upward, Onward, Stronger, together. 

I would like to admonish the residents of Grand Bahama to put aside partisanship, political persuasions, and other barriers, and lend a helping hand in our national efforts to further expand our economy, advance our technology, evolve our culture, and build a stronger and progressive island and country.

As we open another chapter in our country’s history, my prayer is that the God who has brought us safe thus far will continue to lead our island and country to new heights in the future.