Mexican Bishop says deal with the root causes

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The Mexican Bishop Rendon Leal said this at the inauguration of a home to provide care for migrants, cialis viagra established in the Mexican border town of Reynosa.
As reported by Fides, the prelate urged at the inauguration that “reflection and interventions today must go beyond mere material aid or a better treatment of migrants.”

“Economic injustice and social inequality in our Latin American countries are the main causes of this migration,” Bishop Rendón Leal affirmed

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. “In fact, families do not find the basic conditions to meet the basic needs of life in their countries of origin.”

The bishop observed that at times multinational companies are part of the root cause of the immigration phenomenon, as they “come to our country to seek only labor at low cost.”
“But wages should be fair,” he insisted, saying that it is “necessary to ensure better economic and working conditions.”

Bishop Rendón Leal concluded by stressing that this phenomenon of migration “has become a general problem in Central America: We are all involved and impressed to see how many children try to cross the border to go to the United States.”

The problem of unaccompanied minors crossing into the United States has brought national and international attention due to a sharp rise in numbers over the last years.
Some 47,000 children traveling alone have been detained at the border over the last several months, a number that is nearly double the rate for the same period last year.