Michael Darville Finds Out About The 25 Million Government Secret

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It was a long day on Monday 25 June, although this photo was shot on 21 June.  The session in the Senate lasted 11 hours and ended just after 9 pm. The reason Senator Michael Darville in a masterful performance at the Tim of the Committee stage of the bills on the Budget for 2018/19 ferreted out little kernels of information not heretofore known.  The main one is that the Government increased the item in the Ministry of Finance’s Budget at Bloc 90 line item 09142202 Tourism Contractual Obligations 45 million dollars that is more than 25 million more than last year.  The Government’s explanation is that they plan to put 25 million aside as an equity stake for investing in the Grand Lucaya Hotel in Freeport which they have been trying to reopen since they came to power.  They keep saying it’s getting close.  Ad Loretta Butler Turner would say: “Soon! Soon! And round the corner.”