Michael Darville’s Grand Bahama Tour

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On Friday 31 March, the Minister for Grand Bahama Michael Darville led a tour of all of the projects done by the Government in Grand Bahama over the past five years including the junior high school in Holmes Rock, the  Fishing Hole Road, the Fire Station.

The Government’s Heads of Department tour continued into East Grand Bahama, where the Minister for Grand Bahama took this opportunity to showcase the following government capital works projects:

-Smith’s Point Seawall;
-The dormitories at the University of The Bahamas;
-The East End potable water projects, phase I & II (inclusive of the wellfield & installation of fire hydrants);
– The renovations of the Administration complex;
– The establishment of a Police Station in Mcleans Town;
– The Crown Subdivision in Mcleans Town;
The Minister also alluded to the expansion of the High Rock clinic in preparation for NHI.