Ministry of Social Services Has Poor Leadership

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Former Minister for Social Services Melanie Griffin must be twisting and she sees what must surely be in political terms a mad woman in charge of social services.  The only woman in Hubert Minnis’ FNM cabinet has turned into a disaster.  She does not look out for the poor or the dispossessed at all.  She has managed to cheese off all the staff in her office and most recently this led to the resignation of the woman who is in charge of gender affairs, a key part of ministry.  The allegation is that the Minister called Gaynell Curry, the director of the division, a liar in front of the staff.  This so shocked the staff that it led to a protest.  This is the same Minister who lectured staff on failing to stand when she entered the room.  At the same time that her bedside manner is causing a ruckus, aid to the poor is dropping and people are being turned away from the Social Services Department.  The special relationship that she has with the Prime Minister to this point makes her untouchable but most think that she is ill suited to the job and does not have the intellectual capacity to be in Parliament.  Just another set of words for being dumb and stupid.