Minnis A No Show At Bryan Wright’s Funeral

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From a local correspondent comes this:  Brian Wright who was the iconic figure over the many years & was the Chairman of the core group of over 40 of the guys from all walks of life, who call themselves the Daltons, his funeral was this morning at Ebenezer.  He’s a member of Wesley in Grants Town, but due to anticipated crowd Ebenezer was used.  To everyone’s dismay, the PM failed to show without an excuse. Leader of the Opposition Brave Davis, former PM Ingraham, Minister Brensil Rolle, former Minister Tommy Turnquest, High Commissioner Alvin Smith and many of the hierarchy of the FNM including NIB Chairman Anton Saunders showed up.  Many times in the past Dr. Minnis would call Bryan to get the boys together, and now the boys are reportedly livid. What ingratitude!!!