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One month ago Prime Minister Hubert Minnis reportedly called his 39 candidates together. This was shortly after he had himself, Desmond Bannister, and the two public service Welbourne Bootle receive their nominations.  He told the troops, the election would be called within 8 days.  He asked the two public servants to resign their offices.  He said the election would be called before school opened.

All that is gone with the wind.  It now seems clear that there is no possibility of an early election, and certainly not one before school opens in two weeks.

The talk of elections has all but disappeared.  Suddenly the Prime Minister is interested in the third wave, the infections of covid, the deaths.  He called the House of Assembly back with the Senate in order to extend his dictatorial powers until 13 November 2021. So we do not any longer expect there to be an election.

Truth be told, the polls are so bad against him, he won’t call and election until the time actually runs out on the 24th May 2022.

We want to say again.  It doesn’t matter how long he waits or whether he goes early, you can stick a fork in Minnis because he is done.