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(Arriving at Calvary Deliverance 22 July)

The administration of Hubert Minnis is learning a lesson the hard way.  You can come up with all kinds of ideological nonsense on economic polices but at the end of the day if you want to save your hide politically, you had better act.  Such was lesson number one as the Prime Minister, speaking at a meeting of branches in Grand Bahama on  27th July, told them that the Government would not allow the Grand Lucayan hotel to close because it was the heartbeat of Grand Bahama.  He claimed in aid, relief and comfort and support of this stunning turnaround that the people in Nassau do not understand how much the economy of Grand Bahama depended on that hotel and its reopening.


That was just one of two surprising and yes we say it, stupid things that were said by the Prime Minister during his visit last week.  You have to ask yourself: where in God’s name has this man been living all the years? He obviously paid no attention to the facts on the ground when he was Leader of the Opposition.  He was so busy believing his own propaganda about the PLP and was able to convince the people of the country by those lying beliefs that he was the better person to run the economy.  Now surprise, surprise he finds that Government is real. People are real.  This is no time for ideological nonsense.  People need work and with no work in Grand Bahama, his government is dead.


It may be too late anyway.  As Fred Mitchell likes to describe them,  the FNM are the walking dead. We found out real soon the real reason why the Prime Minster had this sudden about face.  Paul Wynn, who had been negotiating with the FNM Government  on the Grand Bahama Hotel told them in public in The Tribune that he was not about to spend 200 million dollars  in Freeport.  It didn’t make sense to him. He was spending his 200 million in Nassau.  So that ended that.


Mr. Wynn of course talked too much.  He got into the local politics by saying that the PLP did not leave a deal in place. That the PLP before it left office had made some vague offers and were throwing in his words unconscionable amounts of money at him, but he was not that kind of person.  He said that the elections were close so that is probably the reason why.

The PLP issued a statement saying how stupid Mr. Wynn was but the real issue was not what the PLP did.  The issue was the failure of the FNM to close the deal based on the framework which the PLP left in place.

But back to Dr. Minnis.  So now Dr. Minnis and his ideological right wingers who claim that the private sector can do it all, have to eat humble pie.  They have to go begging cap in hand now to find the hundreds of millions of dollars it will take to buy the hotel and get it up and running.  It could not have happened to a finer bunch.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister was in West End, Grand Bahama, touting the Ginn Project. The news owners of the failed West End development that was fully invested with all its infrastructure in place when the PLP was in power  way back in 2007, were showing the Prime Minister the project that they got for about 50 million.  There are some 800 million spent in it.  That’s a pretty good deal— 50 million.  But our clueless Prime Minister said he was amazed at the infrastructure there. He had no idea it existed there.  Jeez.  Where the frig was this man all this time?

It only goes to show that a public will elect people who are lost in space when they are fed up or we think manipulated to be fed up with a Government that actually did good for the country.  More’s the pity that the PLP is out of power and we are left to these folk who have no idea what they are doing to keep this country going

All we can do is pray. And ask: oh Lord how long!

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