Minnis In Haiti At Caricom

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He took the Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield, the Minister for Immigration Brent Symonette, the Minister for Transport Frankie Campbell went as a translator in advance.  Dr, Minnis is really a hard headed obtuse fellow. Your Foreign Minister should be your advance man or some other Minister.  Not Frankie Campbell who most Bahamians believe is not a Bahamian and so should not be speaking for us.  The optics alone look bad. Dr. Minnis also took his wife.  He took his aide.  He took a protocol officer. He took the Special Adviser Joshua Sears. He took the Minister of Agriculture Renward Wells and the Director of Agriculture Gregory Rahming.  They all have aides with them. The meeting is on Monday and Tuesdays of next week in Port au Prince, Nice delegation. What was all that talk about cutting back the cost of the trip?